What to expect

Your initial consultation is an assessment of your general health, previous conditions, and existing symptoms. A physical examination will be conducted to locate the problem, during which time your chiropractor will make adjustments using the light, dextrous techniques associated with the McTimoney technique. If at any point your chiropractor discovers or suspects a condition that requires medical intervention, they will refer you to your GP for further tests. Normally your first visit lasts up to 90mins. During this time, the chiropractor will:

  • Take a full case history, assessing your general health, previous conditions, and existing symptoms
  • Ask your permission to conduct a thorough physical examination (this will include neurological and orthopaedic tests, if necessary)
  • Make adjustments using the light, dextrous techniques associated with McTimoney.

Follow-up appointments will last up to 45 mins. The number of appointments required will depend on a number of factors including age, condition and whether the condition is acute or chronic.

In some instances, your chiropractor may need to ask you to remove some clothing in order to carry out the assessment. Privacy and a gown are always provided but do tell your chiropractor if you feel uncomfortable about undressing. Many patients prefer to wear sports-style attire such as shorts and a T-shirt and this is perfectly acceptable.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people find between two and six sessions sufficient to address straightforward problems. The number and frequency of treatments will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Extent of injury
  • Duration of injury
  • General fitness
  • Stress (muscle tension & stress on your nervous system)
  • Posture

The anticipated number of sessions will be discussed with you prior to treatment. Once you’re stable, you can choose to schedule regular check-ups a few times a year to keep chronic conditions under control.

How will I feel after treatment?

During a course of chiropractic care you can expect to feel physical changes as your body realigns. These may include stiffness or tiredness, particularly after your first session. Your McTimoney chiropractor will give you advice on aftercare and any necessary lifestyle changes to help you get the most out of your care. It is important that you talk to your chiropractor if you feel worried about anything either during or after treatment.